So that’s the big news around here. Made redundant. Laid off. But “retrenched” sounds so much better, don’t you think? I’m going back to the trenches. It’s cool; I was actually quite relieved when they told me, and I wasn’t really surprised either. We didn’t get a couple jobs that had been planned, and there hasn’t been much for me to do in terms of my actual job title (Senior Business Analyst). So I spent the past several weeks doing QA, writing documentation, and worrying about when the axe would fall. Turns out it was this past Friday. But knowing is always better than not knowing, and I feel as if a stressful weight has been lifted. I’d already been sending out my CV to recruiters, and I’ve had a chat with someone at my DREAM JOB (which I’m not going to tell you about because it’ll totally jinx it). But I’m always up for new leads and opportunities. Here’s my LinkedIn page if you want to have a look. I’m obviously interested in Business Analyst roles, but preferably I’d like to get into Product Management if I can. Thanks in advance for tips and commiseration!

The Snook actually said to me: “They should have waited till next week. Then you could have a trophy for “Laid off on birthday” to go next to your “Laid off at Christmas” one.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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  1. Good luck Kris, I like you’re laid back attitude to retrenchment. Enjoy your leisure while it lasts, think of it as the maternity leave you might have had with the added bonus of no baby to have to look after!

  2. Does this mean you’re eating everything from trenchers per Game of Thrones? Our thoughts are with you!

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