Depressing. I just did a quick count on my Last Searches page and determined that out of the last 100 Google searches that led to this site, 82* of them were of a pornographic nature. 82%, folks. Is that what the Internet is all about? Ugh. I feel dirty. Time to shut down for the night, methinks.

* You might count them differently. I included any search that mentioned “Lolita” in a non-academic context in the count, as well as any search mentioning one of the Hilton sisters. (In my experience, every search related to them is sex-related.) I didn’t, however, count the people looking for dodgy software cracks, which is just as disgusting in a different sort of way. And I didn’t count several vague searches for “goddess”, although the original intent of those searchers is open for debate. So really I could’ve said that, like, 90% of the searches I get are of a prurient or immoral nature. Great.


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  1. Glad I’m not the only one getting “Mary Kate and Ashley Olson nude” searches. That is just sick.

  2. The Hilton sisters? You mean, Daisy and Violet? But they made the musical SIDE SHOW about them. How is that sexual?

  3. Wait… my Sarcast-O-Meter isn’t very good with text. They’re looking for Paris and Nikki Hilton, two nasty little society skanks who happen to be heirs to the eponymous hotel fortune. My mistake was to compare the Bush twins to them. Now I draw in lots of their “fans”. Yuck. 🙂

  4. Ah right. I have heard about them. It’s my fault for thinking everything is a musical theatre reference. And hey, the 1930s Hilton Sisters were Siamese Twins, and in the movie FREAKS and everything. So I guess there is a prurient element there after all.

  5. this site is gay

  6. Eeeek! My HTML has been outed! Damn you! (Moron.)

  7. That is nasty just nasty

  8. Hey, Mary Kate and Ashley are hot as hell, why would anyone NOT want to see them naked playing with each other!!

  9. Because young women faking incestuous lesbian sex to gratify the scopophilia of dirty old men is degrading, disgusting, and stupid.

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