MetaQuilter – Finished!
What a long, long eighteen months it’s been! Way back at the end of 2011 I signed up for a quilting group through MetaFilter. There were 16 of us in the “adventurous” group, and every month a different person would send out fabric and instructions for making a block. Of course a lot can happen over 16 months, and four of the people ended up dropping out. The pace started to slow towards the end as well, so I finished well after the scheduled end date (and I think I’m still the first one done). Ultimately I ended up making 12 blocks (counting my own) using a lot of different techniques! Check it out…

Metaquilter - Finished

1. Jan 2012 – Nonesuch by ocherdraco; 2. Feb 2012 – New York Beauty by katemonster; 3. Mar 2012 – Earn Your Stripes by amelioration; 4. Apr 2012 – Half Log Cabin by bayliss; 5. May 2012 – Cathedral Floral by heyforfour; 6. July 2012 – Fractured Diamond by lollusc; 7. Aug 2012 – Redwork by rumposinc; 8. Nov 2012 – November Rain by vespabelle; 9. Grandmother’s Garden by ME; 10. Jan 2013 – Celtic Bias Tubes by nat; 11. Mar 2013 – Dresden Plate by medeine; 12. Cathedral Windows by artychoke

Many, many thanks to ocherdraco (aka Margaret) for setting up the group; and for everybody who saw it through to the end!