Ever wonder where “Fighting Irish” came from? That link reminds me of the time my friend Crawford (who can usually be found leaving comments on TD’s site) brought an exchange student over to our dorm room during the middle of an away football game. We were all watching on the TV and trying to explain to this South American girl what the hell was happening. Then she asked the inevitable question about our school nickname. Undaunted, Crawford grabbed the phone and dialed the Reference Desk at the library. The little old lady couldn’t give her a definitive answer, so rather than simply let it go at that, Crawford pressed on with the conversation. “Are you watching the game? What was up with that call?” And the poor woman was forced to try to explain pass interference. It went on for some time. I believe Crawfy called her several times over the subsequent years, usually to ask about whatever game was on just then. That woman probably hated us.