Use Only as Directed | MetaFilter – Timely. This past Friday at Knit Camp, I could tell I was getting sick and feverish so I took a couple paracetamol in the evening. Then when I was helping hand out the champagne, Zena asked if I didn’t want one myself. I said, “I can’t have any, as I just took some paracetamol.” But she said that didn’t matter. So we went over to Sandra (a nurse PhD) for a second opinion. “Sandra,” I said, “Is it okay to have alcohol with paracetamol? I was always told that would destroy your liver.” “No, no,” she said chuckling. “The paracetamol is doing that anyway.” So yeah, as the TAL episode and the MetaFilter thread point out, Tylenol is a lot more dangerous than most people realise.