A pre-emptive apology.
In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been adding and removing some links in my “weblogs” box down on the left. Please don’t get upset if I’ve removed you; that doesn’t mean I’m not going to visit. I’ve just been needing to tweak my daily blog reading routine. I’ve discovered that I’m not really into “journal” sites. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever stop by, but it’s just not my bag, baby. I also get frustrated when sites aren’t updated very often. I understand that not everybody is as obsessive about this activity as I am, and that’s cool. But I also have this addiction to new web content and I get tired of hitting you every day to see the same entries. And I have some new blogs that I’d like to try out, to spotlight a bit and encourage. I needed to clear some space for those so…

Geez, why am I getting so defensive about this? It’s just removing some links. Do any of you other bloggers feel that way? I admit, it gives me an ego boost to see web-goddess linked on a site that I personally visit and admire. But I don’t think any of us should be basing our sense of self-worth on it. It’s hard though, because most blogs are personal and you put a lot of work into them. I just don’t want anybody to think that I’m dissing them or their work. Seriously, it’s not like that. But if you have me linked and you’re pissed off, go ahead and take w-g off. I’ll understand.

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