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WHAT?! “Fitbit halts sale of Force fitness band, issues recall due to skin irritation.” I’ve had my Fitbit Force since just before Christmas, and I totally love it. I haven’t had a single problem. And that’s kinda weird, because jewellery with nickel in it usually causes a reaction on me. But I wear my Force fairly loose, so maybe the fact that I get some air flow in there is helping. I’m definitely not sending mine back. I love it! I loved my One as well (which the Snook now uses*), but I underestimated how much of a difference the wristband form factor would make. I only take it off to shower or swim, and a full charge lasts more than a week. If you’ve got a Fitbit, feel free to friend me

* I actually lost my Fitbit One at the company Christmas party. Dejected, I ordered my Force and then contacted support to get them to remove my One from my account. (The reminder to sync on my dashboard was making me sad.) To my surprise, they offered to replace it! So I got a brand new one, which the Snook is now using. Amazing service. I’m a total Fitbit evangelist now.

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  1. Fitbit cutomer service is amazing. They replaced my old Fitbit Ultra I think five times. The charging/syncing base station had a looooooooooooong cable, and unless it was attached to a desktop and never got moved, it would get caught on stuff and eventally stop working. Since they didn’t sell the base station separately, every time I contacted them to complain about it not working, they’d just send me a new Fitbit. Eventually they just upgraded me to the (new at the time) Fitbit One for free. My mum has all my spare Fitbit Ultras and the one base station that still works.

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