Happy Halloween

Wee British trick-or-treaters!We had trick-or-treaters! Tiny British trick-or-treaters! I couldn’t believe it. We didn’t have them last year; they just appeared. Nick and Alex (the English guys) were supremely annoyed at the fact that London parents seem to be trying to imitate and kick-start this very American pasttime. I was just annoyed at the fact that they don’t know any of the “Trick-or-Treating Etiquette” that us Yanks know by heart. For example, in the U.S. kids know to only go to houses that are decorated and/or have their front porch lights on. Right? Well, since nobody decorates here parents were seriously just taking their kids around the neighborhood knocking on EVERY DOOR. Luckily when they hit us my sister happened to be working her way through the bag of Meijer bulk Halloween candy Mom sent us, so I was able to hand out a couple chocolate balls to each kid. But I can’t imagine that they found more than a couple houses willing and able to give them something. Also, the kids had TINY bags. Really, really small. Of course, since nobody was prepared for them, they didn’t really need big ones, but that’s beside the point. These kids need to learn the joys of carrying a pillowcase. And lastly, some idiot brought his kids to the door at, like, 9:30. By then all our candy was gone, and I’d thrown out my jack-o-lantern (since it was getting moldy anyway). So I had to tell the kids that I didn’t have anything for them. I just glared at the father. What kind of jerk drags them around to random houses that late? Seriously, I should go on TV and teach these Brits how it’s done.


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  1. I live off of a highway, therefor I hadn’t any little costumed munchkins to share my bowl of candy with. It made me very sad.

    I miss Meijer… The buying in bulk, the HUGE International Foods section, the horrible Zana Di jeans. There are no superstores in Maryland, which vexes me greatly. I must run around town and visit many stores to do the same bit of shopping that I could do at Meijer, all under the same roof…


    I was right in what I’ve said in the past… The only thing that Washington, DC has that Fort Wayne doesn’t is a Starbucks. And now that nightmare al fresco shopping mall, Jefferson Pointe, was installed there at Apple Glen, I can’t even say THAT anymore. Fort Wayne has EVERYTHING that Washington DC has, except for the high crime rates. Buh.

  2. Fort Wayne has Meijer. 🙂

  3. When I was a kid (um some time ago) in Wales there was an American couple living on our street and EVERYONE knew to go to their place first!

    Though to be honest we preferred money and our costumes were minimal if at all.

  4. Right. But nobody knows me here. They didn’t realize I was American til afterwards. It was weird. So you did do it in Wales? Did everybody know to do it, or was it just something a few of you did?

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