Talking Head
Last week I attended the Brightcove PLAY conference with a few members of my team. Brightcove are our video partner for 9jumpin, and they’d asked me if I could stop by between sessions and record a quick video interview. So I memorised some talking points and put on some makeup so I’d look presentable. When I turned up for the interview though, they told me that Brightcove’s CEO was so impressed with our State of Origin multi-cam feature that he wanted them to record me demo-ing it. So I whipped out the iPad, threw out my talking points, and winged it as best I could. (I wasn’t sure if non-Australians would even know what State of Origin is, so that was the first challenge.) They’ve just written it up on their blog along with the edited video, and I think it looks pretty good! I talk too fast as usual, but I’m happy with how it turned out.