Snookums and I were just discussing John‘s new metric for measuring geekdom (which he found at tajmahal): the number of electrical outlets you’d need if you were living in one room (such as student housing). We decided that a few more rules were needed to get an accurate measurement:

  • You can count one outlet for each appliance that you currently own that is plugged in all the time.
  • You can count one outlet for every 2-3 appliances you own that are occasionally plugged in.
  • Lighting doesn’t count at all.
  • You’re allowed to add outlets for a television and a fridge if yours are currently shared, because you’d need your own in your own flat.

Taking those into consideration, I’d need nine: Boudicca (the iMac), scanner, speakers, VCR, microwave, (non-existent) TV and fridge, and a couple extra (for mobile, GameBoy, Nintendo, and stereo). Snookums needs eleven: two computers, monitor, modem, speakers, subwoofer, espresso machine, toaster, (non-existent) TV and fridge, and an extra (for mobile and electric razor). We are serious geeks.