Love the one you’re with. | MetaFilter – Interesting MeFi discussion about the “traditional” job advice to “do what you love.” For a lot of people, it turns out that “don’t do what you hate” seems to be more useful, just on the basis that everybody’s got to pay the bills. It’s interesting how this math might change, though, if everybody had the basics covered (whether through national health care or the Snook’s crazy “government pays everyone a living wage” idea). Would anybody still take the garbage out or work in a call center? Hmmm.

I also especially liked this comment: “The best job advice I ever got was as follows: there are three axes for any job: you actually enjoy the work, it pays well enough to comfortably live the kind of life you want, and it doesn’t require working 80 hour weeks. If you ever find a job that fulfills two of those three, you grab it and never let go.” I actually think for the first time EVER in my career, I can say yes to all three. That’s pretty amazing.