As most old school bloggers can attest, traffic has really dropped off now that a lot of folks have moved to social media. One thing I’ve been trying lately is being more proactive with tweeting links to new posts. It seems to be having quite an effect so far. In the week since I started, sessions and users are both up around 50% and page views are up 30%.

Blog traffic post Twitter integration

When you dig into the referrers, the major culprit is clear. Clicks from (Twitter’s URL shortener) are up 1800%. My guess is that while a lot of folks don’t regularly scan their blogs anymore, they’ll click through to one if reminded that something new is available.

With that in mind, I’ve also added some additional social media sharing links to each post. You can now share directly to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. I’ll use them now to share this particular post, so if you see a link to it on one of those services, you know it’s working!