Part of me wishes I was in Indiana settling down for a big family meal, of course. But right here is pretty amazing too. Things I’m thankful for today:

  • My family are healthy and happy, and even if I can’t be with them in person, they can read this and know we’re thinking about them!
  • I have the best friend in the world, and he goes on amazing adventures with me. On this trip we’ve hiked mountains, waded in the Southern Ocean, drank some fabulous wine, got up close with fur seals, viewed spectacular art, rode a restored train, stood on the highest point in Hobart, and drove from one end of Tasmania to the other. Today we’re taking a boat into the rain forest!
  • I have a great job with a team that I’m genuinely excited to get back to next week.
  • Bec is house sitting for us and taking care of our silly cats, who I can’t wait to cuddle when we get home (even though they will pretend to not enjoy it).
  • This B&B has a view of the Big Rock Lobster. I didn’t know that when I booked it. I LOVE IT.