While we were driving around Tasmania in November, I subjected the Snook to quite a lot of T. Swift. He started arguing that there’s no way she writes all her songs herself. “SHE TOTALLY DOES,” I argued persuasively. He checked Wikipedia and said, “Huh. This guy Max Martin has a co-writing credit on “Shake It Off.” Hmm. WHOA. He’s produced, like, every single song you like.” I didn’t believe him at first, but it’s so true. Max Martin is a one-man Swedish FACTORY OF CATCHINESS. He has written or co-written 19 #1 singles, third on the list behind Lennon and McCartney. Today I discovered that someone has curated a Spotify playlist with over 200 of his songs. And they’re all good! Seriously, even the random ones I’ve ever ever heard of. Max Martin – I applaud you.

Quoth the Snook: “I, for one, WELCOME our new Swedish pop overlord.”

And don’t even bother giving me shit for liking pop music. I am way past the age where I care about hipster cred.