Breakfast: Three eggs scrambled in ghee with chorizo, capsicum, onion, and coriander; black coffee
Lunch: Chicken satay skewer; lots of fruit; black coffee
Dinner: Pork scaloppine with lemon, capers, and rocket; fennel and potato gratin; zucchini

We were at a family function in a pub for lunch, so my options were pretty limited. The server kept bringing around trays of deep-fried spring rolls and pies, which were very tempting. I managed to stick to the fruit trays and sparkling water. (I did have a chicken satay skewer that had a fair bit of mango chutney smeared on it, which I mostly managed to remove with a napkin.) At dinner, I pulled a container of leftover veg from the freezer without realising it was a gratin (ie with dairy). I rationalised it to myself as being not a very big portion, so I ate it anyway. It was pretty good. 🙂