“Domestic abuse agencies criticize ‘wife beater’ Web site.” So, okay, I was all ready to defend this guy’s right to sell wife-beater shirts. I mean, pretty much everybody calls them that nowadays (aside from the Australians, who call them “singlets”). It’s not very politically-correct, but I don’t think the name itself is going to encourage domestic violence. It turns out, though, that he’s not selling undershirts… He’s selling long-sleeved shirts that have “Wife Beater” embroidered on them. And he’s offering a discount if you’ve got a conviction for spousal abuse on your record. He says he got the idea after watching “Cops” and seeing all the arrested batterers wearing sleeveless shirts. Isn’t that the sickest thing you’ve ever heard? What an asshole.


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  1. pretty freakin’ gross. men who cause harm to those weaker than themselves are only expressing their own weakness.

  2. You should print *that* up on T-shirts. You could offer a discount to those that can prove they’re assholes. 🙂

  3. my old roommate, D., had some NOW tee that said something to the effect of “a strong man is not afraid of a woman of strength.” he is the second grooviest guy i know (besides my #1 J., of course). smart, tall, handsome, great shape, total sarcastic bastard, vegetarian, and loves BVS! i’m trying to set him up with a ND GF of mine who is those qualities to a T herself (other than the veg and buffy stuff…).

    i’m sorry–where were we?

  4. Note to self: when you see the initials “BVS” and automatically think of “Blogvoices”, it’s time to step AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.

  5. you know i’m talking about The Slayer, right?

  6. I eventually figured it out. I’m a big fan of Buffy too; it’s just that my computer-ness seems to be taking precedence over the rest of my life.

  7. gotcha. methinks better that than the other way around.

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