I read recently that Netflix was producing a new prequel series for the cult movie Wet Hot American Summer. I’d never seen it before, but I knew that it had Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd and a bunch of other famous people in it. And then I found out it that it was created by the guys from The State, which I absolutely loved. ($240 worth of pudding, anyone?) So last weekend I watched the original, and it was just as silly and rude as I expected. I can see how it would get funnier every time you watched it with friends. The Snook didn’t watch the whole thing, but he caught a few bits and was mildly amused.

Then this week we started watching the new prequel series, and it’s even better than the original. I love how it provides some backstories for the returning characters, but also introduces new ones (which keeps you guessing what will happen to get rid of them). Here’s a guide to some of the callback jokes. Elizabeth Banks’s retcon is so well done, and I loved her super high-waisted jeans. We both lost it when Paul Rudd wafted a fart at Katie in an attempt to flirt. And then Michael Cera said this, and we had to pause it because we were laughing so hard. Soooooooooo funny (and stupid, but funny).

And then yesterday I watched the documentary, which is more silliness. They were all so young! And yet not as young as their characters, even back then. And I finally found out how to play Snaps, so that’s something.