My flowersSnookums and I decided last week that we wouldn’t be celebrating a traditional Valentine’s Day this year. Personally, I’ve always been bitter about the holiday because I never really had anyone special to share it with. (My relationships always seemed to implode about that time of year.) So we decided not to participate in something designed solely to sell merchandise and make single people feel crummy. That’s why I was super surprised when he came home with flowers for me yesterday afternoon. He said it was a non-Valentine’s Day present for me. He even remembered that gerberas are my favorites! What a sweetie. I’m feeling all warm and lovey-dovey now, but I promise to compose myself by Thursday. Okay, single people?


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  1. That’s OK my mates traditionally go to a bar in London to celebrate being SSB’s (Sad Single Bas***ds). Last year I wasn’t eligible: I saw Hannibal!! (she booked it) with my now ex.

    Xmas is the one I don’t like.

  2. See, I don’t feel like that. I think that SWEETEST DAY is the rip-off, loser-iest holiday. I am down with V-day being a good thing for all. Not a massacre of the single. 🙂

  3. Yeah, but I could always write off Sweetest Day as a single by thinking “What a crap invented holiday.” But Valentine’s Day is, like, the big one that everybody celebrates. And little kids are the only ones who still do the “I give Valentines to all my friends” bit (other than you, apparently). And even that’s commercialized!

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