Will the Real Introverts Please Stand Up? – Beautiful Minds – Scientific American Blog Network – Fascinating article. It seems that extraversion is more about “reward sensitivity” than gregariousness. I definitely get a dopamine rush from giving talks. (I was on a high for several hours after my talk at the Dream Collective Career Summit last week.)

This is particularly interesting: the 10 behaviours most uniquely predictive of extraversion (out of a list of 400):

  1. Told a dirty joke.
  2. Planned a party.
  3. Entertained six or more people.
  4. Told a joke.
  5. Volunteered for a club or organization.
  6. Tried to get a tan.
  7. Attended a city council meeting.
  8. Colored my hair.
  9. Went to a night club.
  10. Drank in a bar.

Uh, other than going to a city council meeting, I’ve done all those. (I’ve pretty much given up on tanning though.)