I’ve been thinking about that “audience” thing I said below. You know, in my mind I think of the audience of this site just being the folks that leave comments. But I myself visit lots of sites where I just lurk and never post anything. So I wonder – do I have many lurkers? If you’re a regular-ish reader and you rarely (or never) comment, please do me a favor and say hello. You don’t have to come up with anything witty; just let me know that you’re out there. (I’m suddenly paralyzed by the thought that there aren’t any lurkers, and this is just going to be embarrassing.)


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  1. Hi I’m out here as well.

  2. I’m here! Love your blog Kris.

  3. I’m here, too 🙂

  4. OK – I confess: I’m a faithful lurker.

  5. I promise, I will no longer be anonymous. If you want, I’ll even come up with witty questions and ponderings. 😀

  6. Hooray! I’ve got lurkers! How great to meet you guys! Although I think I’ve met some of you before. 🙂

  7. Lurker alert!! 🙂

  8. am a lurker too

  9. I’m not lurking. I’m standing about. It’s a whole different vibe

  10. Okay, okay, you caught me. Been lurking for quite a while… love reading your blog! Thanks!

  11. This is the only way I can get any news about you.

  12. I’ve been lurking since you posted the Simpsons card a little while back…. now I check it out whenever I need a break from work

  13. Ma! I call! The time difference is just difficult! 🙂

  14. I am a lurker too I guess. . .found you through a search for Notre Dame blog since I am also a grad.

  15. First-time caller, long-time lurker (well, not that long – about a month?). Great blog, great links.

  16. I prefer peeping to lurking. 🙂

  17. I think that I’m breaking out of the lurking category (perhaps moving into the standing about class?), but hi, Kris!

    Now that I’ve been lurking in more and more blogs lately, however, I have been wondering about this medium. Kris, I enjoyed reading your reasons for starting this weblog. I’d be interested in hearing why other bloggers started theirs. Maybe a topic for another thread or poll?

  18. Oh, I thought of another naive blog question (not knowing the etiquette): are most blog readers, conversationalists, etc, people who had other, external to this medium relationships, with the author, or is it okay to stumble along an interesting one and just start posting along with everyone else? Is everyone else wondering who the idiot is who interrupted their conversation?

  19. Tricia – actually for me, most of the people commenting on here started out as complete strangers. Max, anon, Kristin, Bill, Brigita… they’re all total blog-friends. (Although I recently met Kristin, and Brigita lived in my dorm, so I think we’ve met, but it was probably at a tailgater, so I was drunk and don’t really remember.) Anyhoo – there’s only a few that I know in real life: my mom, dad, sister, Tara D, etc. So I think it’s totally cool to just jump in on somebody’s blog. That’s how I met just about all my blog-friends. Sometimes it takes a while to become a “regular”, but it’s worth the effort.

    Now, are you the same Tricia that posts on Brigita’s site?

  20. And hello? I never knew I had so many lurkers! Thanks to everybody who peeked out for the first time. Seriously, feel free to join in whenever you feel like it. Like I just told Tricia, most of regular posters on this site aren’t people that I know in real life. So please don’t feel like you’re not welcome. The more the merrier, I say!

  21. Thanks for your lurker welcome, Kris. And I am the same Tricia who posts on Brigita’s site (that’s how I found your site and was introduced to the world of blog).

  22. I’m here too. I just delurked on the Disney princess thing before I saw this (it’s been a few days and I was catching up). I found you through Max.

  23. Hi Jasmine! You’ve got a gorgeous name. Sorry about the Tinkerbell thing though! 🙂

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