Wine tasting: art or hooey?The Snook is a bit of wine connoisseur, as is his brother-in-law Smithy. (Smithy actually has a purpose-built wine cellar with all kinds of crazy high-tech gadgets measuring the humidity and temperature and stuff.) Next to those two, I feel like a complete Philistine. I can’t tell the expensive stuff from the plonk. Anyway, that’s why I found this article so amusing. It’s about a scientist who did a study on taste, especially in regards to wine. He basically concludes that all “professional tasting” is hooey, and that the experts are just making it all up. One of his particularly cheeky tricks was to serve them all a white wine, and then serve them the same wine dyed red. Everyone fell for it. See? Maybe I’m not the uncultured rube I thought. (Link via PCJM.)