Here we go again on another renovation adventure! It’s time to turn our old and busted ensuite bathroom into something more modern and less gross. As with the kitchen, we’re going with Harvey Norman Renovations to manage the whole project. We spent last night clearing out the bathroom and moving our bed into the guest room. Here are the before photos:

The big change is that we’re swapping the toilet and the shower. That way the shower can run parallel to the window and can be a little bigger. Then we’ll have a smaller vanity beside it (where the towel rack used to be). The walls will be tiled up to the ceiling with white rectangles, and the floor will be white hexagons with black grout.

The first task, of course, was to demolish the old bathroom. In three hours, five guys and a jackhammer took it down to the bare bricks. Now it looks like a prison cell! Here’s hoping the rest of the build goes smoothly…

(Yeah, they chipped the damn window. They’re already arranging to get it fixed…)