So London is doing the cow thing. Sheesh. I’m glad I left. (Link courtesy of anon.)


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  1. Norfolk did something kinda similar in 2000, but instead of cows they did mermaids. pretty cool, really. unfortunately they’ve taken down the website… 🙁

  2. That’d be better. I’m just sick of the cows.

  3. cincinnati or somebody like that did PIGS! i woulda liked to see that. london should’ve done little fake bronze pigeons or something.

  4. Seattle did pigs; they were kinda silly looking.

    When I lived in Richmond VA last summer, they did fish, (the “Go Fish” project) which were quite creative and artistic (example: fish draped in robes, all white, with missing head and fins called “Venus de Minnow”).

  5. About a year or so ago, we had something similar to that here in Fort Worth, but they were Pegasuses (or maybe pegasi?????). It was actually a big deal. I just thought it was kinda weird. But now that I heard about the pigs and cattle……

  6. seattle also did giant coffee mugs (or at least I saw about 3 – 4 around town a few years ago) which at least made a little more sense than PIGS!

    and before that, DC did decorated Yugos (but only in the main train station)– a bit random, but no more so than cows or coffee…

  7. See, I like the idea of accessible artwork for the masses out in the public space. But at the very least it should make sense! Cows have nothing to do with London. (And I wondered – will they let Damien Hurst do one? Break out the chain saw!)

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