Throwback Thursday: Susie the Deer | Charlie Chat – My sister excitedly sent me this link on Facebook recently. I was thrilled! Our grandparents lived in Butler, Indiana when we were little, so we knew the legend of Susie the Deer. We may have even seen her on occasion venturing out from the woods behind Grandma Veva’s house. I definitely remember there was a salt lick on an old tree stump in the backyard (and may have even tasted it myself – EW). My Aunt Deb commented on FB:

Fed Susie many many times. She had her whole head and shoulders in Mom’s new house on Ivy Lane. We even put out a salt block for her. She would never let her fawns out of the woods behind our house. She loved potato chips. We stopped class one day cause she was sticking her head up to the screen, so we opened it up and fed her cookies. She was up town often, traffic just moved slow around her. Fond memories of growing up with her.

Isn’t that lovely?