We’re not done yet, but it definitely feels like the finish line is in sight. On Thursday the plumbers arrived to hook up the toilet, vanity, and shower. We still don’t have hot water, but at least it’s running now! A man also came by to measure up for our glass shower screen, so that’s being made this week. Then on Saturday our main contractor came back to install the new cornice as well as the remaining bits and pieces. Unfortunately we hit a snag with the medicine cabinet that’s meant to go over the toilet – it was built too big! They’ll have to make a new one. Hopefully by next week he’ll return to finish that off and hang the mirror over the vanity. (He wants to line it up with the top of the shower screen once that’s installed.)

On the plus side, we were at least able to move back into our bedroom. (We’ve been sleeping on the foldout IKEA couch in my office for the past four weeks.) We’d covered everything in our room with drop clothes and tarps, but there was still construction dust everywhere. We vacuumed and mopped; wiped down the dressers, bed head, and walls; and washed the curtains.

It still feels dusty.

BUT! On Friday we also got our new reverse cycle air conditioner hooked up. Bring it on, summer. 🙂