A prominent UK film critic has denounced the new Ali G movie as “the most obnoxious British movie ever”. I probably won’t see it. I laughed at the character the first few times I saw him, but nowadays I think his schtick is a bit tired. I’m just not a fan of “mean” humor, that works by making fun of someone who doesn’t get the joke. It makes me uncomfortable. (That said, I still think Jann‘s imitation of him is hilarious beyond description.)


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  1. Did anyone else here see Ali G introduce Boris Becker at the MTV Europe Awards? You have to admit, that was pretty friggin funny 🙂

  2. I’m not a huge Ali G fan, but I dearly loved his duet with Jarvis Cocker on Help The Aged. Class.

    Incidentally, non-UK readers might like to bear in mind that the Daily Mail is one of the most obnoxious tabloids in the UK. It pushes the Little Englander family values/bring back national service/Just Say No to sex and drugs line, so it’s not exactly a surprise that Ali G isn’t their film critic’s cup of tea.

  3. Here’s an excerpt from an article involving the critic in question re censorship:

    Daily Mail critic Tookey is perhaps the worst offender of all. Big fat Tookey writes for a paper that is commonly homophobic, sexist and living about a century behind the rest of us. As a recognised film critic, however, one may have every right to expect that Tookey would have better things to do than support the censoring of the artform that he makes a living from and is supposed to respect. Instead, the man chose to whip up a storm over the likes of Crash, NBK and Lolita, feeling that their respective directors had gone ‘too far’. Obviously the overweight cretin forgot that if filmmaker’s failed to push boundaries there would have been no Frankenstein, no Rebel Without a Cause, no Psycho, no Midnight Cowboy and no Taxi Driver (to name just a handful of the titles flying around my head right now). Retard.

    …although I’m in no way endorsing the film, I just can’t anything/one related to/with the Daily Snail.

  4. …can’t STAND…

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