Dreamlog: This waas the ultimate nerd dream. I dreamed that somehow Rodd and I were at the LucasFilm offices during pre-production for Star Wars. We got to see all the concepts as they were being developed. I remember a guy coming in and telling us that they’d just finalized the design for Darth Vader. Some of the other characters looked totally wrong though (C-3PO had really long legs, for instance). I had the brilliant idea that we could just tell these guys what the movie was supposed to look like, and that would save them lots of time. But upon discussing this idea with Rodd, we realized that this would create a time travel paradox. Since we were in the past but with knowledge of the future, if we told George Lucas what C-3PO was supposed to look like, then that’s why he looked like what we thought he did in the first place. And that meant that the version we had seen in the future wasn’t necessarily the one that they would’ve created on their own had we not interfered. Get it? So then we had the brilliant idea that for each character, we’d make up a list of options, one of which would be the version we knew from the future, and the rest all wrong. And that would still save them time, but it would also allow them to retain a decision in the matter. Then I woke up. Like I said, it was a really nerdy dream.