Since it’s still Easter where most of y’all are…

Bilbies, not bunnies!


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  1. Well! 🙂 I’m sick of all this anal political correctness: I reckon Bilbies suck! Sure, they’re endangered animals, blah blah blah, but rabbits are so much cuter and more appealing (chocolate bilbies are ugly and unappetising – I always hesitate before biting into one of the suckers!). Why can’t kids just enjoy a fun tradition once a year without all the wanky adults trying to make it all “proper”?

    Anyway, these days the whole “Bilby” thing is just milked by Haigh’s in their attempt to try and gain a bit of market share over Cadbury, etc. The original idea is totally commercial now (sorry, that’s the old lefty in me talking 🙂

  2. Ah. Well, as a Yank, I just found the whole concept an endearing novelty. (Though in reality, most of the Australian marsupials I’ve seen up close and personal have been pretty scary looking – especially the bats.)

  3. I think they’re cute! I’d eat one! ;P

  4. I don’t get how some people think they’re cute but still they’d eat one and really theyre not going to do much about it , saving them i mean, and personally i think they’re ugly, and everyone who’s trying to save them is wasting their time, it’s the natural cycle of evolution or something that they should die out eventually, i mean look at the dinosaurs, no one tried to save them. i mean in old books and stuff, you don’t see the Save the dinosaurs appeal. Even though the fact that humans didn’t exist then is beside the point. Ok, if someone wants to save them let them waste thier time and money but eventually they’re going to die. Face it.

  5. *claps for the troll*

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