Weirdness. Earlier today I read this story that exposes the scam behind all those “Work at Home” signs you see all over the place. Apparently it’s all done by the same company, Herbalife. It sounds incredibly dodgy. Two hours later, Snookums brought in the mail… which included a flier for Herbalife. Can you believe it?


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  1. i stayed up waaaaay too late last night reading that story and poking through the majority of the guy’s site. good stuff. 🙂

  2. I checked out this guy’s site, too. Now I’m seeing signs all over the place, where I’ve never seen signs before! Craziness…

  3. I read with interest your comments on what you call the Herbalife scam, I would like to know whether you have actualy tried any of these products and to what degree of sucess you may or may not have had.

    I for one have and my personal weight loss was 1St in just over a fortnight, I feel better for my weight loss and hope to lose a little more.

  4. Nope. My mom was involved with a very similar project in the 80’s though. She sold it to everybody we know and they all, like you, swore it worked great. Of course, none of them are still at that weight today.

    I called it a scam simply based no the article I linked to. Did you read it?

    Really though, my comments had nothign to do with whether the product worked. If it’s helping you, great. (I’ve lost 20 kg on a low-carb diet in the past year myself.) The “scam” comments had to do with the way the product is marketed, and how a lot of the sellers seem to lose most of their money. I also object to the stupid little signs stuck everywhere.

  5. Hmm, I think you guys mistaken by scam and marketing! Those signs you see is duplicate effort by the pass… somebody or someone out there, please create a new way of innovative marketing idea. If you ought to make money doing the same thing… what is your idea in this matter?..Anyone? ..Gotcha!

  6. Anyway, Herbalife does work… I have been using the product myself, my energy is awesome!! I lose 2.5kg in 2 weeks! How is that a scam? Scam means “never work”, “get rich quick scheme”, “never exist”, “eat all your money and nothing work”.. so how is that Herbalife scam?

  7. As I said a mere two comments above, I called it a scam because of the article. Did you READ it?

  8. It IS a scam. Have a look:

  9. Excellent link. Thanks.

  10. I am in the US and sold Herbalife about 5 yrs ago. The product works but the company is scam. I wasted a lot of money and never made a profit and I had a friend go bankrupt at the age of 25 because of it. It is like a cult they keep telling you have to spend money to make money. They suck the distributors dry and then expect you to go out there and peddle their wares. The recruit college kids and tell them they don’t need to go to school, they just need to invest $3,000 dollars and you will make millions. Its crazy. I would advise anyone who is thinking of selling it not to. It will not make you rich. It is very hard to sell. You really only make money by recruiting others.

  11. im in australia nd singed up!! i feel robbed!!! how do i get my money back?? HELP!!! [email protected]

  12. Hi. I am an herbalife representative…a supervisor. I invested $3000 to get in back in January. I took the product and did not very much to sell the product because of my busy schedule (I am a nurse who works for a surgeon). Recently, my friends (a Pampered Chef rep., a Mary Kay rep., a Tastefully Simple rep., a Creative Memories “scrapbooking” rep., and a B-Dazzling jewelry rep.) all went together and rented the Kiwanis bldg., split the cost for a newspaper ad and radio ad, passed out flyers and had ourselves an OPEN HOUSE from 1-4 on a Sunday. We had a ball and I had to get a special book for contacts that I made that day. I made a bundle from sales that day and have had orders by phone since then almost every day from the Total Control samples I passed out. The point is…you can’t sell anything if you don’t try. And…until you try it…don’t knock it. I am healthy, thin, and smiling because of this product. It sold itself…it just had to be displayed.

  13. Herbalife, Mary Kay, Scrapbooking, and “B-Dazzling” jewelry all in the same building? I can’t decide which is the better metaphor: the 7th level of hell or a spaceship full of Golgafrinchams. I’m leaning towards Golgafrinchams.

    (I’ve lost nearly thirty pounds on Weight Watchers. I’m healthy, thin, and smiling… and I didn’t need to take a miracle pill or staple spam all over people’s neighborhoods to do it.)

  14. I’m closing this post as I’m getting tired of deleting pro-Herbalife spams from desperate “representatives” trying to delude themselves that they weren’t really stupid enough to buy into a pyramid scheme.

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