I hate spammers. I especially hate the ones that send you messages that say, “Hey, I visited your site and noticed you’re not listed on some search engines…” They piss me off.

  • Okay, first off, the spammer is assuming that I want my site listed on 50,000 random crappy search engines. Which I don’t. Based on my server logs, 90% of people come though via Google or Yahoo anyway, and I’m already listed there.
  • Why add the bit about visiting my site? In the case of Purple Weasels.org, I think it’s pretty clear that the site is not for the general public. It’s an online community for a very specific group of people. It’s obvious that it shouldn’t be submitted to lots of search engines. Therefore, the spammer is either stupid or dishonest.
  • Why must they send huge bloated HTML-formatted e-mails? Am I the only one that uses PINE to read my mail these days?

I’m just annoyed because this particular spammer has hit all three of my personal sites and has repeatedly ignored my requests to be removed from their mailing list. Anybody feel like engaging in a little Google bombing with me? Just throw up a link like this – “evil spamming assholes” – on your site. I thank you.


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  1. I use pine.

  2. your wish is my blogged command. 😉

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