The Chicago Sun-Times gets in on the Nigella Lawson love-fest. Are British chefs sexier than American ones? (Personally, I always had a crush on Craig, the Frugal Gourmet’s hot young assistant.) Martha Stewart fans might be amused with the “Nigella vs. Martha” comparison chart at the end of the article. Nigella, for example, is “deep conditioner” to Martha’s “hot glue”. My favorite? Nigella: “Dresses as if she loves men.” Martha: “Dresses as if she loves horses.” Hee!


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  1. I like the Naked Chef. He’s cute in a scruffy, weird-teeth sort of way.

  2. I definately agree that Jamie Oliver is a hottie.

    I was actually reading his bio on last night, and it sounds like he was picked to have a show because of his looks. Perhaps in America, someone gets a cooking show because she’s a renowned chef, looks be damned, and in Britain, someone gets a cooking show because he’s attractive and can cook. Not a bad concept; I can’t believe that Fox hasn’t jumped on this for their next reality TV craze.

  3. Actually a couple years ago I had lunch with Felicity (Mrs. Roald) Dahl in London, and her personal chef started talking about working at the River Cafe (which is where Jamie Oliver worked). I asked her if she knew him and she did. She didn’t see to like him much though. I guess “real” chefs sorta see him as a rock star type. She said that his cooking wasn’t really original or anything, and that it was all just personality.

    It’s interesting; he’s amazingly popular in England yet nobody really likes him. He does these annoying Sainbury’s ads with his family and friends in them, and the whole “cheeky chappie” mockney thing wears off pretty quickly. I still like his show (I like all cooking shows), but as a celebrity, I’m so over him.

    Plus – he named his first child “Poppy Honey”. Seriously.

  4. I can see how he could get annoying fast. Poor edible kid.

    It’s funny, I find that I watch more food TV than all other TV combined these days. Iron Chef is practically a Friday night ritual (how sad is my life that this is the case).

  5. Oh, I wish to God we got the Food Network here. I’ve only seen Iron Chef a few times (when I go home to the States), but I liked it a lot. I’m also a HUGE fan of the Fat Ladies and the Great Chefs series. Oddly enough, we don’t seem to get a lot of cooking shows here in Oz. I miss them.


  7. Uh, thanks. I’m sure she appreciates a random comment on a weblog.

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