Coming soon - the fish!Proud Parents
That’s right, the Snook and I are now the proud parents of… an empty fish tank. Let me explain. After thinking about it, we decided that a cat might be a little “high maintenance” to start our pet-owning lives. So we settled on some nice goldfish. We even bought a coffee table just so we’d have a nice showcase for our babies. Finally today we headed to the local pet store to pick everything up. There we were greeted by an immense gay American (who we now refer to, of course, as “Big Gay Al”) who informed us that Sydney water is so nasty that we have to wait at least a week for the water in our aquarium to become livable. Snookums was heartbroken. Big Gay Al was not to be swayed, though, and we were forced to depart with only the hardware. It’s all set up now, with the chemicals and bacteria and crap all added, so hopefully in a week we can bring some fishies home to it. Can’t wait!