“There’s no doubt that many Australians experience a collective cringe over Irwin’s showman-like antics. Unlike Americans, they’re put off by his impassioned testaments to his own sincerity, the preachy tone of his “saving the world” pitch, and his hair-trigger, often comical sentimentality. ‘Australians like people who underplay,’ ventures documentary-maker Malcolm Douglas. ‘Even Paul Hogan underplayed stuff, whereas Steve Irwin comes across like a used-car salesman selling everything down the camera.'”

Here’s a great article about Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. I found the description of his childhood and early career pretty hilarious. You also get to read about how he met his wife. (“Crikey, a sheila who loves wildlife and can take a good hit on the head, that’s the woman for me!”) Interestingly, it also tackles the issue of his curious non-fame in his home country. He pretty much represents everything that makes Australians cringe about themselves. Good reading if you’re a fan (like my Dad).