Stop the presses! Roger Ebert‘s website (actually the entire Chicago Sun-Times site) has a new design. I like it! Much less image-oriented, which means it doesn’t look so bad when I surf with the images off. I think the blue is nice too. I just wish they hadn’t filled in the “o” in the logo URL. That bugs me.


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  1. Howie – Ebert sucks sosooooooo bad. He gave Changing Lanes – the Ben Affleck / Sam Jackson nothing but a crappy action flick – FOUR stars!! It was not good AT ALL… I just saw it, since he gave it suck good press and all. WHATEV! I don’t know who the hell paid him for that one. Also, last night, I saw the Ghost World DVD, another Ebert Four-star rave, and it was NOT all that. He sucks, and I hate him. 😉

  2. I hated “Ghost World” too, and all these people liked it. Mostly what I like about Ebert is just that he has tastes and opinions and isn’t afraid to state them. I don’t agree with him 100%, but he’s a good writer and always interesting to read.

  3. Yeah, ok, and WHAT was up w/ the Ghost World ending? What was the deal w/ Buscemi at the end at that shrinks? And did she kill herself (that’s why she and the old dude both got to ride the bus), or WHAT? Hah, wait, I don’t think WE should debate this, b/c I ALWAYS think the person kills themself, and you don’t. 😉

  4. Honestly, I don’t even really remember a lot about it. I saw it on the plane to Australia and – though I’d wanted to see it a lot – I just remember it sucking. So I paid less and less attention.

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