Can somebody explain how in the heck Destiny’s Child are writing an autobiography? Isn’t Beyonce, like, the only one from the original group? The article sorta implies that there were six of them originally, which I know isn’t right. Can somebody give me a condensed history?


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  1. I would, but I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Whaaa? Haha ha ha haaaaa!

  2. you funny, tara. 😉

    J. loves to sing Bootylicious, except he thought for the longest time that the lyrics were “i don’t think you’re ready for des-tuh-ee.” he also seems to like that “all the ladies, independent…” song, though i’m sure mr. southern/classic rock would never admit it.

  3. That’s funny. You know, I’ve noticed that so many people love ’em – at least one song – but hate to admit it. I enjoyed that Charlie’s Angels tune, and I like bootylicious. I also like “Jumpin'”. Ooh, and “Bills”. Oh, and “say my name” is okay.

    But I don’t like them. (Yuk, yuk.)

    Just kidding, they’re okay. 😉 Ooh, and tell J. that I think in a re-mix they actually do say “I don’t think you’re ready for des-ti-ny” in one part. J. = follower of DC Remixes.

  4. i think i told-slash-corrected him on the jelly vs. des-tuh-nee lyric debate once…his reaction was something to the effect of his looking at me with disbelief at both the inanity (?) of using the word “jelly” in such a manner and the fact that i would actually know such a tidbit.

  5. i hope nobody on here’s a-dissin’ my girls! you know i loves ’em. tara – come on, you know you had fun at that concert! (i’ve seen them twice, uh huh!)

    oh, yeah, so i guess they started out w/ 4 members, and the 2 DUMB ASS ones sued beyonce’s dad and left the group before their 2nd album hit it big (the award-winnin’ one w/ say my name, jumpin’, bug a boo, bills – all 4 sang on it, too). so only b-dawg and kelly remained. then, they picked up 2 new chicks, michelle and some no-name. she left, too, so now it’s just b, kelly, and meeshelly. i doubt any of them will be leaving anytime soon now that they’ve made it big time.

    sidenote: andra STILL contends that they say “i don’t think you’re ready for des-tuh-ee.” weird, i thought she was the only one who misheard that.

  6. Thanks for all the help. 🙂 Hmm… I feel a misheard lyrics post coming on.

  7. I can’t add anything to KMac’s synopsis, though the two DUMB ASS ones deserve that title, because they sued again after the “Survivor” album came out, because all the lyrics about succeeding and triumph over adversity and all that were obviously taunts from Beyonce toward those former members. Yeah, that makes TOTAL sense.

    OH, and I heard “jelly” from day one, but it took about a week for me to actually accept it as the correct lyric…I finally came to grips with it, though, and my life is much happier today.

  8. ia that supposed to mean that her fanny posesses certain qualities characteristic of said sweet condiment?

  9. I’ve always heard it as “jelly”, and I’m ashamed to admit that I always thought of it in a “KY” type of way. Ewww. Sorry.

  10. jelly is yummy, mmm i want some

  11. Okay, that was nasty.

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