New Poll: What’s your verdict on ol’ Spook Tooth? You know, I honestly don’t know where I got that phrase from. I think it’s one of my sister’s. At any rate, I’m referring to “Jewel”, the singer-songwriter-poet (and crappy horse rider). As my college roommates can attest, I’ve had an irrational hatred of her for many years now. Am I the only one?


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  1. Well, I don’t HATE her, but she has been a source of much comedy for me. She’s even in my 35 minute stand-up act, where I talk about her Sybil-like voice (kid like one moment, husky the next). What is that? But, I don’t think she’s like, the devil.

  2. Ah! Yes! The voice is one of my major peeves. I’ve noticed that exact same trait. (You know who else does it? Shakira. Drives me nuts.) Only devils do that, TD.

  3. She’s annoyed me for years, mostly because one too many guys that I’ve dated were way too into her. It was publishing the book of poems that really got to me, I think. Okay, I admit that jealousy is a problem for me…

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