I’ve been a bit remiss in sharing some of the talks I’ve been doing lately. Prepare to be bombarded!

This first one was “My Website Is Old Enough to Vote” from WordCamp Sydney back in September. I spoke about my twenty-year-old website (RoaldDahlFans.com), the early days of the web, and how I did a complete rebuild of the site recently on WordPress. (The slides aren’t interspersed in the video so it’s a bit hard to follow, but you can see them separately online here.)

Next up was “Knit One, Compute One” at Linux.conf.au 2017 in Hobart last month. This builds upon my “Granny was a Hacker” lightning talk and details the connections between knitting and computing and some of the interesting knitting-related projects happening in Open Source software.

Last is “Traversing the Org Chart” from last week’s Alt.net meetup in Sydney. This talk is about the skills you need to go from a hands-on individual contributor to a people manager, as well as the pros/cons of working in a flat, manager-less organisation.