Snookums and I headed to the Good Food Show out at the Olympic Park. It was the first time either of us had been out there. It was really cool to see Stadium Australia and try to picture what it must’ve been like full of people during the Games. The Show itself was packed. We wandered through the aisles tasting olive oils and wines and chocolates and watching demonstrations of nifty kitchen gadgets. I had wanted to attend Ansley Harriott‘s cooking demonstration, but Rodd thinks he’s a wanker and couldn’t be trusted to behave himself. (We did see Ainsley doing a book signing, though. Man, the old women just love him.) We also took in a wine tasting and I got more than a little pissed sampling the fine Australian Shirazes. We left loaded down with two new cookbooks, a packet of olives, and several jars of dried tomatoes, capsicums, and jalepenos. A very good day.