Haha! Apparently three people broke into the Big Brother house this morning and videotaped themselves cavorting in the garden. I wonder if they’ll mention it on the show tonight?

I was disappointed with the big double eviction show yesterday. The “surprise” ouster of Nathan and Alex seemed a little engineered. I mean, Alex has been flying under the radar quite successfully in the last few weeks. The producers just haven’t been showing him at all. Nathan, on the other hand, got lots of screen time for his jokes. I personally thought he was hilarious. Both of them seemed pretty secure on the show. The “singles” were picking off the couples each week with ease. Then suddenly it’s like the producers got annoyed and decided to reassert some control over the show. So they nominated everyone and then spent a week showing footage that made Nathan and Alex look incredibly bitchy. One week later, they’re both gone. And I’ll have to spend the next month watching Australia’s own lobotomized version of Romeo and Juliet, Marty and Jess. Ugh. (Hmm, I suppose I could turn off the television… Naaaahhhh.)