Heh. The Onion‘s current infographic is on the “Hoof and Mouth Panic.” It lists steps that are being taken to prevent the disease in America. My favorite was the last: “Boiling all British beef until gray and flavorless, the way the British do.”
As an aside, are the American press really calling it “hoof and mouth disease”? Because that sounds weird. We call it “foot and mouth disease” over here, and we should know, since it’s bloody everywhere.


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  1. we’re calling it foot and mouth disease (FMD for short) as well. i personally prefer hoof and mouth over FMD–that was what i remember it being called way before the latest outbreak, not to mention that hoof just *sounds* cooler to me. though i guess the foot part of FMD is a bit more accurate as human feet are doing a good deal of the disease transmission, if i remember correctly…

  2. Ooh, FMD? That sounds so cool! I’m going to call it that from now on. I like acronyms. My other favorite is DVT – “deep vein thrombosis”, my anxiety from the Australia trip. 🙂

    I guess “hoof” is pretty accurate, but it gets weird when people start saying “hooves.” That’s just an odd word.

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