“That which doesn’t kill us…”
In running news, I’m ridiculously happy to report that today I managed to run the entire 5K (3.1 miles) without stopping! That is seriously, like, a Lifetime Best. My pace is still pretty slow, but at least I managed to finish. Only four more days til the race! I figure I’ll try to run the full distance again Thursday and Friday, and then take Saturday off to rest and hydrate. I’m still nervous, though. My registration stuff came in the mail today, with a map of the course, the T-shirt I ordered, and my official race number. (7929 in the hizzouse!) I guess I can’t back out now. I’ve caught myself secretly hoping for rain a few times. It’s not that I’m worried about physically being able to do it anymore. It’s more like I’m afraid I’ll chicken out mentally and end up being disappointed with myself. Snookums has been very encouraging and has promised to be there cheering me on. Today he even dangled the promise of a skiing weekend if I run the entire race! Mostly, though, I just want to make him proud of me. Being unemployed for eight months isn’t the best way to feel great about yourself. If I can do this, though, it’ll go a long way towards making this last year of upheaval and change feel like it’s heading in the best possible direction.


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  1. Oh my god, girl – you can do it. You are a strong lady. Dude, just doing it ONCE is great, and you already HAVE! That’s three miles, bouncing about and sweatin’ your A** off. Nice. Good luck at your race, Hows.

  2. Yeah! Good luck!

    I actually like to rest two days before a race and maybe have a very light day the day before (sometimes just take both days off). It’s all personal preference, though.

    You’re going to do great! You sound totally ready. Have fun and let us know how it goes.

  3. Good luck, Kris–I bet you’ll finish with no problem and no rest breaks, thanks to the race-fueled adrenaline surge. Have a great race and be proud of what is a pretty damn major achievement!

  4. I’d go with Tricia’s advice, take it easy from now until race day. You know you can do the distance, just relax & your body will be ready to kick some major butt when the time comes. I think you’ll find that your anxieties will be overshadowed by the fun of just being out there with hundreds of other runners.

  5. damn, girl! race day is going to be a piece of cake for you, no joke. my longest distance before the 10K (6.2mi) was only 5mi—i was hoping that the adrenaline would get me through the last mile plus (like jeff & trish had advised me back in the day) and it did! US$20 says you kick the last mile’s @$$.

  6. Woo! You can do it!

  7. Good luck Kris! If you ever feel like giving up, just thank God that you’re not doing that silly race up the Empire State Building stair well (!!!).

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