McDonald’s fries have beef in them. On one hand, I’m a carnivore and they do taste good, so I could care less. On the other hand, I know a lot of people who do not and cannot eat meat (vegetarians like brigita and Jains here in London), and so I think it’s pretty crappy that they’re not required to specify all the ingredients.


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  1. JAYzhus! is there no end to it? and how pissed was i when i [made the mistake of] read[ing] the ingredients label of the BBQ and cheddar flavor rush chips (soooooooooo yummy) and saw that it included beef fat?! if any other veggies are reading this, watch out for hostess products, as those may contain beef fat as well!

    i mean really–beef fat? in ring dings?! and i was so looking forward to that senseless and nutritionally devoid pregnancy indulgence. i’ve heard they go so well with pickles… 😉

  2. Pregnancy indulgence? Do I sense another announcement on the horizon? (There I go, spreadin’ rumors again.) 🙂

    Well, silly, you didn’t think that BBQ flavor would contain beef? That one I can kinda see. French fries and Ho-Ho’s though… those are just plain misleading.

  3. oh good LORD no! heaven and artifical hormones taken once a day forbid! but it is something i think about. speaking of pregs, i am no longer a red-head. i’ve finally given over to nature and done one final dye–a medium dark brown (“hazelnut”) to match my natural hair color. i probably sound crazy, but the whole vegetarian and semi-organic thing is somewhat foreward thinking…there is a theory that the hormones that they pump into livestock are accelerating the onset of puberty–not to mention changing forensic science. the decades-long build-up of food preservatives in the body causes it to decompose at a marginally slower rate, one which coroners must take into consideration when estimating the time of death…

    oops–how *did* i get on top of this box labeled “soap?”


    ps–good point about the BBQ, but there [usually] isn’t cow parts in BBQ sauce, so i thought i was safe.

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