Oh no! The lead singer of the Ramones died yesterday. Nobody ever accomplished more with only four chords.


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  1. Now their songs are all stuck in my head today. Interestingly, I found in one of the Joey tributes that Bruce Springsteen originally wrote “Hungry Heart” for the Ramones. Couldn’t you just picture them doing that song? Cool.

  2. wow–the fact that The Boss would even think to write a song for the Ramones is so TUF…i’d almost go so far as to say hip! do you guys know what he died of? i mean, i know it was lymphoma but is that a “lifestyle” cancer or just a freak thing?

    and keith richards is still kickin’…where’s the justice?

  3. Here’s the pathetic but true realization I had from the article: none of the Ramones were related and none of their last names was actually “Ramone.” I never knew that. (Hey, I got into them pretty late. My freshman year roomie had to indoctrinate me.)

  4. I think you’ll find Status Quo achieved at least equal success, if not more with as few as three chords!

    The almighty Steps pay tribute at the Hammersmith Apollo in July – watch that space…

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