What. A. Day.
I had three pressing appointments today, all of which were nerve-wracking in different ways. First, I hauled myself out of bed and into the gym for the 9:30 “Pump” class. This is basically synchronized lifting with free weights. It wasn’t as hard as yoga, thankfully, and I got a great workout. (I have a feeling I won’t be able to lift my arms in the morning though.) Our instructor was the funniest, campiest, bitchiest gay man I’ve met in some time. I’m already planning to go again next week.

Next I had to head to the Enmore Theatre to discuss doing some part-time “front of house” work. It’s a great old theatre only a couple of blocks from our house, but it’s mainly a concert venue these days. I won’t know for a few weeks if they need me. If they do, I’ll most likely be ushering or bartending. How sweet would that be? Me, slinging beers at a rock concert! (For the Yanks: it’s not like in American stadium venues. This is an actual old theater with all the chairs and stuff ripped out. The bars are actually inside along the walls and back.) I think it would be totally fun.

And last but not least, I had my big important interview with these folks. I was worried that it was going to be a really stuffy corporate place, but instead everyone was really laid back and nice. It’s in a great building down in the city with views of the Harbour Bridge. As usual I went in planning to be all poised and professional and within five minutes ended up yammering away like I always do. I guess that’s for the best, though. Lots of folks can do what I do; the only thing that distinguishes me is my enthusiasm and passion. Hopefully that’s what came across. (We talked for twice as long as we were supposed to, so fingers crossed!)

So in my book, I went three-for-three today. *phew* Thanks for everyone’s words of encouragement!