It’s been a quilting kind of weekend. The Storm at Sea Quilt project is progressing nicely. I finally finished all the big squares and now I’m busy working on the smaller ones. I’d like to get the top finished as soon as possible so I can have lots of time to do the quilting (which I plan to do by hand).

Friday I dragged the Snook to the Sydney Needlework, Craft, and Quilt Fair. It was a nightmare. I mean, first off, the place was full of really mean grandmothers who’d step all over you to get to a bargain on rubber stamps. Then there were the housewives with gigantic strollers (probably to match their gigantic SUV’s) ramming into you at every turn. And then the quilts themselves. They were so gorgeous. They weren’t blankets; they were literally works of art. I left bruised and depressed, thinking there’s no way I’d ever be able to make anything like that.

But now my spirits have lifted a little. My mom sent me a videotape of “Simply Quilting” shows from HGTV in the States. I got a lot of good ideas and inspiration. And my sister received her package with the Bandanna Quilt, which she loved. So now I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy. Back to work, I guess!