Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Theologian of the Year. I really enjoyed that article. See, that’s what makes the show so great. You can read it in so many different ways. There’s just a depth there that you don’t get in shows like Friends or Everybody Loves Raymond. And even though I didn’t like the 4th season so much (we just finished watching the DVD), I can still see what the producers were trying to achieve. Adam was boring, but that doesn’t negate their attempt to contrast Buffy’s “supernatural” style of fighting evil with the government’s “technological” approach. It was a worthy experiment. Now we’ve started on Angel Series 1, which is a much different show than I had imagined. It feels darker and more realistic. (But thank God for Cordelia, who I missed terribly from Buffy.) I’m getting off track a bit. Basically, I just like that the show can be read in so many ways by different groups. The religious types can see Buffy as a Christ-figure and discuss whether Joss is a fundamentalist. The feminists can focus on Buffy’s shattering of gender stereotypes. And the fashionistas can gripe about the horrible puke-worthy outfits Willow wore in Season 4. Actually, that last one isn’t such a good thing. 🙂


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  1. Hmm… that’s all quite true, though I’ve always found it kind of sad that people can’t find anything beyond TV shows like Buffy to analyse 🙂 I agree it’s a good show as far as entertainment goes, but sometimes I think we credit it with a depth of analysis it really doesn’t deserve.

    I’m probably going to be excommunicated now 🙂

  2. I would agree, except having listened to several of the DVD commentaries, it’s pretty evident that Joss Whedon *is* striving for something more than mere entertainment. Sure, some of the other producers are cheesy hacks, but Joss seems to actually care about the mythology and philosophy of the universe he’s created. Or maybe I’m just being defensive about my favorite show. 🙂

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