Normally for our anniversary we go out somewhere fancy for dinner, but right now everything is closed due to Covid. However, a couple weeks ago I started researching and learned that Restaurant Gabelspiel, a Michelin star restaurant in Munich, would deliver a four course meal! We placed our order and tonight the Snook got to live out his MasterChef dreams…

All of the components came prepared, packed, and labeled. We also had instructions… in German! Google Translate was a big help.

The first course was seared prawns with radish, papaya, and “Thai curry cream.” Rodd quickly fried off the prawns and then began plating up. We quickly realised this is a LOT harder than it looks!

Our finished first course. It wasn’t pretty, but it tasted lovely! I especially liked the crunchy radish, and the chilli in the sauce really crept up on you. They also provided bread and butter to accompany.

The second course was Tom Kha Gai soup. We just heated it up in a pan and served. It had mushrooms, capsicum, baby corn, and spring onions. It was sweet, salty, and sour, like the best Thai food. We’re guessing they used the prawn shells to make part of the soup base.

The main course had several components! Rodd had to heat up two sauces while cooking gyoza, chicken breast, and bok choy. Actually the chicken had already been sous vided, so really it was just crisping up the skin and then warming it through. The gyoza were problematic in that they stuck to the plastic, so they got a bit mangled by the time he got them into the pot.

Then it was time to plate up…

We later discovered the restaurant has photos of their plating on their Facebook page, and… let’s just say it’s a LOT more elegant than ours. 😂 Still, we had fun and everything was delicious.

Dessert was a pannacotta with mango, tapioca, and coconut. That one we managed to do pretty well…

Even though the cooking was minimal, we still somehow managed to dirty most of the dishes in the house! 😂❤️