Oh my gosh. This Cornfusion Corn Maze looks like the funnest thing ever! I’m seriously going to try to do this the next time I go home to the Midwest. Who wouldn’t want to run around in a maze of corn that’s the size of six football fields?! (Link courtesy of TD, who’s already been there.)


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  1. Oh my god, you guys, you’ve got to go! Every year it’s a different theme – like, last year, it was the Wizard of Oz, this year it’s the Chicago Bears… HILARIOUS! Plus, we did it in the dark (sounds dirty!) for two full hours and STILL didn’t find all the checkpoints. Come visit my site for more deetz.

  2. Now that I’ve been thinking about it, I don’t think I want to go after all. I’m having Children of the Corn thoughts. It would be scary.

  3. Heh! It’s fun! They have something like that in Fort Wayne (at least they did when I lived there), except they use walls made from hay bales (sp??) instead of corn. I’m sure it’s not half as scary as the cornfield, though.

    Brr! Ghosts!! Freakish inbred children with scythes!!! James Edward Jones!!!!

  4. My sister and I saw that movie at a very young age and then spent weeks freaking each other out by saying “HE WANTS YOU TOO, MALACAI!” in a scary voice. We didn’t even know what it was about, except that it scared us shitless.

  5. That’s hilarious. Children of the Corn was such a big creep-out when we were little. Oh, corn children. I saw one in the maze.

  6. Another creepy corn field movie is the newish one, Signs. I’m never walking into a corn field after seeing that one (unless I become part of an all-ghost major league baseball team).

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