School Disco starts in Sydney tomorrow. *shudder* They’re even bringing in a former Neighbours star to promote it.


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  1. See. There’s no escape 🙂 They even had it in Ibiza!!!

  2. I know it would be excruciating for you, Kris, but don’t you want to give us a first-hand report? 🙂

    Of course, I’ll be experiencing “School Disco 2002” for real this weekend at the Homecoming dance…

  3. I’d feel a little silly going, seeing as how my school didn’t wear uniforms. It’s like I’d be being nostalgic for something I never experienced. Silly. And of course, none of the actual Australian schoolchildren’s uniforms I’ve seen look much like the ones on the website (micro-minis and fishnets?) but I guess that’s part of the charm of the event, right Martin? 🙂

    And no, you couldn’t pay me to go.

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