Can you identify these computer screens from movies? I only got 6 out of 12 correct.


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  1. Damn I am a geek, I got everything but #11.

  2. Buh. I got four, but it should’ve been five. The one from Weird Science I got mixed up with the movie Singles. You know, the part where Bridget Fonda goes to get a boob job, and she’s arguing with the surgeon about how big she wants to go? Heh. I suck.

  3. I’m annoyed they missed the Family Truckster being chased by Pac-Man from Vacation. That’s, like, my favorite computer scene of all time. 🙂

  4. That site had some really cool visual games. Justin and I spent at least an hour going through most of them last night!

  5. I got three – it would have been four, but I’d misremembered the name of Weird Science as Real Genius.

  6. The Snook only got two. I had to make fun of him. 🙂

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